Wanted: Antique Microscopes by George Wale

Buying antique microscopes made by George Wale, Hawkins & Wale, and Morrison & Wale. 

Also buying all kinds of antique brass microscopes and accessories. Old microscope oil lamps, prepared slides, and slide cabinets. Other types of antique scientific instruments also wanted.  

Email: Antique Microscopes 
Ph: 914 231-7552 

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Geo. Wale Pat Appl

Geo. Wale Pat Appl, The New Working model

George Wale patented microscope 1876

Geo. Wale, Pat. June 6, 1876. Monooculat microscope with chain drive focus.

Wale Patent #178391

Geo. Wale, Pat. June 6, 1876