Links to other microscope collections and sites of interest


Museum Optischer Instrumente: A wonderful collection of early German microscopes.

The Golub Collection: Microscopes from the 17th to 20th centuries.

Origin and Development of the Light Microscope: An outstanding illustrated history of the microscope.

A Short History of the Early American Microscopes by D. J. Padgitt: This long out of print book is a valuable classic reference

Die Mikroskope von Simon G. Plössl : Microscopes made by Simon Georg Plõssl (1794-1868).

Giovanni Battista Amici (1786-1863): The Italian optical instrument maker (Instruments at the Scuola Normale Superiore).

Jeroen Meeusen: A private collection of 19th century Continental microscopes.

Science Museum, London: Some microscopes in the collection and related information.

Antique Optics: A private collections of microscopes and spectoscopes (in Dutch).

Optik Online-Virtuelles Museum: A collection of mostly German microscopes.

The Billings Microscope Collection: The collection of the Medical Museum of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

The Nachet Collection: The long out of print catalog of this famous collection.

Molecular Expressions Museum of Microscopy: Images and descriptions of antique microscopes.

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments-Harvard University: Microscopes in the collection. Search for "microscope"."

Museum of the History of Science Oxford: Some microscopes in the collection (browse or use the search box).

Teylers Museum Netherlands: Some microscopes in the collection.

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave Netherlands: Some microscopes in the collection. (enter "microscope" in the search box)

National Museums Scotland online collections database: Some microscopes from the museum collection.

Willkommen im virtuellen Museum der Wissenschaft-Historische Mikroskope: Some microscopes from the museum collection.

The Moody Medical Library's Collection of Historical Microscopes: Microscopes from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Collecting antique microscopes and other scientific instruments: A private collection with lots of useful information.

The Lentz Microscopy and Histology Collection at Yale University: Some microscopes and slides in the collection.

Museo Galileo - Institute and Museum of the History of Science-Florence Italy: Microscopes in the collection.

La Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica-Florence Italy: Some microscopes in the collection.

Planetarium Zuylenburgh, Netherlands: Microscopes in the collection.

Microscopes at the Real Academia Nacional De Medicina (Spain): Microscopes in the collection (text in Spanish).

Deutsches Optisches Museum: Take the virtual tour (virtueller rundgang) to see the microscopes on display.

Microscopes at Whipple Museum: Enter the word "microscopes" in the search box.

Antique Microscopes and other Antique Scientific Instruments: Microscopes in the collection.

Stichting voor Historische Microscopie : A collection of historical microscopes from 1680 (in Dutch).

Muséée des Arts et Métiers, Paris: Some microscopes in the collection. (Type the word "microscope" in the search box)

The National Museum of American History: Some microscopes at the Smithsonian.

Colección de Instrumentos Cientóficos: G. Crovetto. A private collection. In Spanish.

Spencer Microscopes A site devoted to the microscopes made by the Spencer Lens Co. and the American Optical Co.

Histoire des Projections Lumineuses The history of projection apparatus with a section about solar and projection microscopes.

The Historical Microscope Foundation: Microscopes in the collection dating from the 17th to 20th centuries.

The Leitz Collection and Optical Museum : Leitz microscopes, Leica cameras, etc. from the early to mid 20th century.

Universidad de Salamanca-Museo de Microscopia: Microscopes in the collection (in Spanish).

Le Compendium : A French site devoted to antique optical (including microscopes) and physics apparatus.

c. 19th Antique Microscopes : A private collection of microscopes.

Microscope History: A collection of microscopes from the 18th-20th centuries.

East Carolina University : Historic microscope collection.

Toute l’histoire du Microscope : A fine private collection of microscopes.

A Cabinet of Curiosities : Antique Microscope Slides from the Victorian Era c. 1830s - 1890s.

Historical Makers of Microscopes and Microscope Slides : The title of the website says it all.

Scientific Trade Catalogs in the Smithsonian Collection : Microscope-related catalogs. Many can be downloaded.

Online Scientific Instrument Trade Catalogues : A list of links to online scientific and medical instrument maker catalogs. - Documentation : A compilation of 19th and 20th century catalogs in pdf format. Zeiss, Leitz, and others.

Little Imp Suite of Books and Catalogues on Microscopes / Microscopy: Courtesy of Steve Gill, and hosted on Microscopy-UK..

Webster's Instrument Makers Database: A useful database of scientific instrument makers.

Oesper Museum Booklets on the History of Chemical Apparatus: Spectroscopes, refractometers, colorimeters, etc.

Antique Microscopes on Facebook: Interesting highlights about early microscopes.

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