Signed: Dollond, London

Larger brass Culpeper type microscope, c. 1800

Double Reflecting Microscope

Dollond culpeper microscope Dollond culpeper microscope Dollond culpeper microscope
Dollond culpeper microscope

Dollond culpeper microscope
Dollond culpeper microscope


This Culpeper type microscope is signed on the stage Dollond, London. It dates from the late 18th to early 19th century. Microscopes such as this are derived from the instruments of the earlier century made by Edmund Culpeper (1670-1737) and his contemporaries.

This microscope is stored in a pyramidal shaped case measuring 17.5-inches in height. The microscope is mounted on a mahogany base with a drawer having three scrolled legs supporting the stage. The mirror is attached to a boss in the base. The circular stage has a central aperture for illumination by transmitted light. Three additional scrolled supports rise from the stage to carry the main tube. Focusing is achieved by sliding the inner tube carrying the optics.

Among the surviving accessories are five numbered objectives (one lacking its lens) a Bonnani spring stage, a small ivory talc box, a Lieberkuhn reflector stored in a brass box, the nosepiece fitting that attaches the Lieberkuhn, a live-box, a fish plate, a concave glass disk, and two ivory sliders that hold multiple specimens.

Description of a Double Reflecting Microscope Made by P. and J. Dollond, Opticians

Above is an illustration of a Culpeper type microscope sold by P. and J. Dollond, Opticians, St. Paul’s Church-Yard, London where it was called the Double Reflecting Microscope in the description.

Another Culpeper type microscope, possibly also sold by Dollond, is represented in this collection. It differs from the example on this page in that it focuses using rack and pinion.

An essay about the Dollond business is online

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