Description of the Bausch & Lomb Grand Model (DDS) from the 1898 catalog

Bausch & Lomb Grand Model (DDS)
This microscope stand is on ideal instrument in the fullest sense of that word; viz., perfect in design as far as the limitations of the human mind will permit, and perfect in construction as far as it is possible for human skill to perfect anything. The large body tube, epccially-constructed to permit a large cone of light to pass from the objective, as well as its complete adjustments, fits this stand especially for Photo micrography. The stand is of the finest brass tbrougltout, and is finished in the most appropriate manner in every part. The base, while of the horseshoe type, is extra heavy and has the back claw prolonged so as to virtually form a tripod base which is entirely stable in any position of the microscope. The pillar, consisting of two massive columns, supports the stage and arm in a manner particularly adapted to secure solidity and at the same time add grace to the instrument. The stage is of unusually large size, measur. ing 126 mm. in diameter, and is either fi tted with vulcanite plate
Bausch & Lomb Grand Model (DDS) substage
Bausch & Lomb Grand Model (DDS) rotating mechanical stage

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