E. Leitz, Wetzlar, 2nd quarter 20th century

Vertical Illuminator for use with a petrological microscope

Illumination with ordinary or polarized light

Leitz vertical illuminator Leitz vertical illuminator


Leitz vertical illuminator
Leitz vertical illuminator Leitz vertical illuminator

The vertical illuminator attached to a Leitz CM model microscope


Leitz vertical illuminator



E. Leitz, Wetzlar, No. 253025 The MOP model petrological microscope, c. 1925


A total reflecting prism and a reflecting glass plate are simultaneously mounted to a bar. The bar, fully inserted into the illuminator housing, places the total reflecting prism within the optical path and when the bar is withdrawn to its extreme stop, the reflecting glass plate is then within the optical path. The use of either depends upon the nature of the specimen and the objective employed. This vertical illuminator is furthermore equipped with a condensing lens and an iris diaphragm, by means of which the light rays can be adjusted for proper contrast. A removable rotatable polarizer fits into the entrance tube of vertical illuminator. The polarizer can be removed and replaced with a cap with glass front when ordinary light is used. The vertical illuminator is attached to a polarizing microscope in the same manner as an objective using the three-point objective changing clutch belonging to the microscope. At the other end of the illuminator is another clutch for an objective. The set, stored in a wood case with plush lining, includes three adjustable objective collars and the two centering tools.

The Leitz MOP model petrological/metallurgical microscope uses an identical vertical illuminator. In this case however, the illuminator is permanently attached to the bottom of the tube of the microscope.

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