Signed: Franz Poeller, Munchen

(but most likely made by Arthur Chevalier, Paris), c. 1880

Model No. 4 - Student's Microscope

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This Student Model microscope came supplied with one eyepiece, a divisible objective, and a stage condenser.

Model No.4 microscope

The book by Dipple, "Das Mikroskop", 1882 shows that this is Arthur Chevalier's Model No. 4 (or Student Model) microscope.

Poeller advertisement

Franz Poeller, operated an Optical Institute in Munich during the second half of the 19th century. The above advertisement from 1888 indicates that he sold a variety of scientific instruments. The microscope shown on this page is identical to the Model No.4 made in the factory of Arthur Chevalier, Paris. Undoubtedly, it was imported and retailed by the Poeller firm. It is unknown if Franz Poeller actually made any of the instruments he sold.

The following page was extracted from an Arthur Chevalier catalog (undated):

extracted from an Arthur Chevalier catalog (undated)

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