J. Swift, 43 University St., London W.C., Registered

Portable microscope lamp, c. 1874

Swift portable microscope lamp


Swift portable microscope lamp folded

Swift portable microscope lamp.The separate parts


The following was extracted from The Microscope and its Revelations by W. B. Carpenter, 5th Edition, 1875:

Swift portable microscope lamp-fig-477

Swift's Portable Microscope Lamp. -- Every Microscopist who desires to exhibit his objects by artificial light elsewhere than at his own home, has desired a lamp suitable for this purpose, adjustable to any height, and capable of being packed in a small compass and of being carried in any position without spilling the liquid it burns. This desideratum now supplied by Mr. Swift, who has devoted much ingenuity to the construction of such a lamp; the special difficulty being to prevent leakage from the passage through which the wick rises, without interfering with the ascent of the fluid. The lamp (Fig. 447) is mounted on a telescope-pillar, which supports it steadily at any height from 4 to 12 inches; and this is screwed into a tripod foot. By pushing in the telescope - pillar, unscrewing the tripod, and inverting it over the chimney (Fig. 448), the lamp

Swift portable microscope lamp-fig-478

can be packed into a tube 7 1/2 inches long and 1 3/8 inches in diameter. It gives a good flame, and burns for two hours. The size of the reservoir might of course be increased, so as to enable the lamp to burn longer; but this would add to the bulk of its case.

The firm James Swift, London was located at the address shown above from 1872-1881. By 1877, the firm was called James Swift & Son. This lamp must therefore date prior to this name change. See: The James Swift & Son business timeline.

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