J. Zentmayer, Phila.

Dissecting Microscope, c. 1890

J. Zentmayer, Phila. Dissecting Microscope, c. 1890 J. Zentmayer, Phila. Dissecting Microscope, c. 1890

The following is an excerpt from the Zentmayer 1895 catalog:


J. Zentmayer, Phila., Dissecting Microscope. c. 1890


This instrument was chiefly designed to meet the requirements of Prof. J. T. Rothrock, of the University of Pennsylvania, in has botanical classes; but it is quite sufficient for general dissecting purposes. It is made entirely of brass, handsomely polished, and consists of a circular base five inches in diameter, upon which stands a stout pillar supporting a commodious stage, four by five inches in dimensions. The stage has a recessed circular opening one and three quarter inches in diameter, holding a removable glass disk, for which suitable dishes can be substituted for dissecting in fluids. Removable spring clips are provided for retaining objects under observation. The stage is only three-and one-half inches high, and extensive enough to afford comfortable support to the hands in working. The plane mirror has complete movements, and an opaque white back for modified illumination. The lenses are held by a socket in a jointed arm affixed to an upright bar moved by rack and pinion in the pillar supporting the stage. It is furnished complete with a Dissecting System of two Single Lenses, respectively of one inch and three- quarters inch focus, forming by combination a doublet of two-thirds inch focus giving amplifications from ten to twenty diameters.

Stand and neat Walnut case with Draw for Lenses and Dissecting Instruments. ...............  $10.00

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