T. Cooke, York

Monocular microscope c. 1854

T. Cooke, York. Monocular microscope c. 1854 T. Cooke, York. Monocular microscope c. 1854
T. Cooke, York. Monocular microscope c. 1854 accessories

This microscope has a Jackson limb with a direct acting screw nosepiece fine adjustment. The main tube and the sub-stage focus by rack and pinion. Among the accessories are two eyepieces, three objectives with brass canisters, a live box, a brass-bound eyepiece micrometer, a sub-stage dark well holder with two wells, two Lieberkuhn reflectors with caps, a sub-stage polarizer, an eyepiece mounting Nicol analyzer prism, a stage forceps, a sub-stage aperture wheel, a sub-stage condenser, and a limb mounting side reflector. Within the storage case are two boxes. One is for prepared microscope slides and the other contains the accessories. The objectives predate the RMS thread.

microscope in case storage case
T. Cooke York

Thomas Cooke

Thomas Cooke (1807-1868)



This microscope was made by the British instrument maker Thomas Cooke (1807-1868). Most of the instruments he made after 1855 are signed T. Cooke & Sons, not just T. Cooke, York as on this microscope. On that basis, this microscope should date prior to 1855. In addition, the objectives on this microscope predate the use of the RMS thread (formalized in 1858). After the death of Thomas Cooke in 1868, the firm was taken over by his sons and retained the name T. Cooke & Sons. By 1922 the firm was named Cooke, Troughton & Simms.

Microscopes made by Thomas Cooke are rather uncommon. Another microscope made by Thomas Cooke dated 1850 is held by the York Museum Trust.

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