Double Pillar French microscope. c.1875

Double Pillar French microscope. c.1875 Double Pillar French microscope. c.1875
Double pillar French microscope

From: Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue and Price-List of Optical Meteorological, Mathematical, and Engineering Instruments. Manufactured and Imported by James Prentice & Son, 176 Broadway, New York (no date)

Double pillar French microscope

"Microscope, 12 inches in height, with lacquered brass pillar-stand having bronzed base, and joint affording any angle of inclination, coarse and fine adjustment of focus effected, respectively, by rack and pinion and micrometer screw, attached condenser for illumination of opaque objects, stage-diaphragm, extension draw-tube, two triplet objectives and two eye-pieces, affording powers of 75 to 800 diameters ; including two prepared objects, four standard glass slips, four concave centers and covers, a pair of brass, forceps, one ivory disk, two dissecting needles and one knife; in French polished mahogany box."

* Note that the microscope shown on this page is identical to the one described above with the exception that the main focus is by sliding tube rather than by a rack and pinion.

While the microscope shown here is unsigned, a number of examples of this type of microscope are known with different signatures as follows:


Radiguet & Fils, Optns 15Bd des Filles du Calvarie, Paris

Radiguet et Massiot, 15 Bld des Filles du Calvaire a Paris

Maison de L'ingr. Chevallier, Optn, Pont Neuf 15, Paris

J. Bianchetti, Marseilles

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