Double Pillar French microscope. c.1875

Double pillar French microscope. Probably made by Radiguet & Fils, Paris

Double pillar French microscope

Double pillar French microscope

From: Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue and Price-List of Optical Meteorological, Mathematical, and Engineering Instruments. Manufactured and Imported by James Prentice & Son, 176 Broadway, New York (no date)

Double pillar French microscope

While the microscope shown here is unsigned, a number of examples of this type of microscope are known with different signatures as follows:


Radiguet & Fils, Optns 15Bd des Filles du Calvarie, Paris

Radiguet et Massiot, 15 Bld des Filles du Calvaire a Paris

Maison de L'ingr. Chevallier, Optn, Pont Neuf 15, Paris

J. Bianchetti, Marseilles

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