E. Leitz, Wetzlar, No. 6097, c.1884

Grosses mikroskop - Stativ Nr. 1b

Monocular microscope with polarizing attachments

e. leitz, wetzlar, no. 6097, c.1884

e. leitz, wetzlar, no. 6097, c.1884

e. leitz, wetzlar, no. 6097, c.1884

The accessories include three eyepieces numbered I, III, and V, four objectives marked 1, 3, 5, 7 (in leather box) and an immersion objective with correction collar (in brass canister) marked No. IX, a sub-stage condenser, a slide-in aperture stop holder with three stops, a polarizing prism, a calibrated analyzer which mounts above the eyepiece, a triple objective changer, a camera lucida, and an eyepiece micrometer. The storage case comes complete with the key. The upper portion of the microscope can rotate relative to the base.

Leitz microscope 6097 magnification chart

letiz microscope stativ nr. 1b

e. leitz, wetzlar, no. 6097, c.1884

A plaque within the case bears the name of the original owner, L. Riederer.

This microscope was purchased for this collection in Nyack NY. It is therefore likely that the L. Riederer referred to on the plaque is Mr. Ludwig Riederer. He was the librarian for the New York Microscopical Society during the latter part of the 19th century. He published several articles in the Journal of that Society.

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