Porter & Hunt, London

Case-mounted microscope. c.1831

Porter & Hunt, London. Case-mounted microscope. c.1831
Porter & Hunt, London. Case-mounted microscope. c.1831

This case-mounted Gould type microscope is signed on the stem “Porter & Hunt, London”. The case measures 5.5 x 6.4 x 2 inches. Among the accessories supplied are four objectives that are designed to be used singly, one of which is very high power and is used without the compound tube, another objective with Lieberkuhn reflector, a live box, a stage-mounted bullseye condenser, a stage forceps, a hand forceps, two stage disk inserts, a dissecting tool, and a selection of sliders.

Note that the limb can be unscrewed from the main body of the microscope and in conjunction with the Lieberkuhn objective and stage forceps, it can be converted into a compass microscope. The image below, taken from the 1838 London Gasette, is an announcement that the partnership between Porter and Hunt was terminated.

compass microscope

With respect to the signature on this microscope, the following statement was found on the Science Museum-London website:

Traded at 309 Regent St. next to the Polytechnic Institution, London, England. Partnership between James Porter (working 1831-43) & Hunt.

The following notice was published in the London Gazette, 1838:

Porter & Hunt notice

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