Porter & Hunt, London

Case-mounted microscope. c.1831.

Porter and Hunt, London. Case-mounted microscope. c.1830

Porter and Hunt, London. Case-mounted microscope. c.1830

Among the accessories supplied are four objectives, one of which is very high power, another objective with Lieberkuhn reflector, a live box, a stage mounted bulleye condenser, a stage forceps, a hand forceps, two stage disk inserts, a dissecting tool, and a selection of sliders.

compass microscope

The limb can be dismounted and in conjunction with the Lieberkuhn objective and stage forceps, the instrument can be configured as a hand-held compass microscope.

With respect to the signature on this microscope, the following statement was found on the Science Museum-London website:

Traded at 309 Regent St. next to the Polytechnic Institution, London, England. Partnership between James Porter (working 1831-43) & Hunt.

The following notice was publish in the London Gazette, 1838:

Porter & Hunt notice

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