Ross No.2 binocular microscope: c. 1870

Ross binocular microscope: c. 1870

Ross No. 2 Binocular Microscope Stand (3) with two eyepieces, coarse and fine adjustments for focusing, mechanical stage wth rotating movement, havir 3/4 inch of rectangular motion, mechanical sub-stage for holding and adjusting illuminating and polarizing apparatus, plane and concave mirrors with jointedarm, and WENHAM'S Binocular arrangoment


Ross binocular microscope in case. Front view

Ross binocular microscope. Back view

The storage case has double doors thus allowing the accessories to be stored on each side. Curiously, this microscope is unsigned, but it is, nevertheless, a Ross No. 2 binocular. The objectives and/or their canisters are signed by Ross. It corresponds to the No. 2 large binocular microscope, c. 1870.

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