Ross's Diatom-finder or Field Hand Microscope, c. 1875

Ross field hand microscope, c. 1870

Ross field hand microscope, c. 1870

Although unsigned, this small simple microscope appears in the 1875 Ross & Co. catalog where it is called the Diatom-Finder or Field Hand-Microscope. The microscope is supplied with a single 1/10-inch objective that focuses by a screw mechanism onto a removable live box. At the upper end is a container that holds extra glasses for the live box. There is an eyelet at the end for attachment to a lanyard. The instrument was sold with its leather covered case.

An identical example, also unsigned, is located at the Science Museum, London: Inventory No.: 1921-222

Ross's Diatom-Finder or field hand microscope, c. 1870

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