Hensoldt Wetzlar #11721

Tami Portable (pocket) or Travelling Microscope

Tami  Portable or Travelling Microscope Tami  Portable or Travelling Microscope


Tami as it is carried in the coat pocket, protected by a metal hood.

hensoldt wetzlar #11721, tami portable microscope

Tami with the base removed to examine opaque objects.


Universal Pocket Microscope

Tami is a pocket size microscope adapted for the use of botanists, entomologists, mineralogists, biologists, chemists, student nurses, geologists, industrial research laboratories, high school and college students, etc. Its educational value to young people as well as for adults cannot be overestimated. It stimulates interest and study as it discloses Nature's wonders hidden from the naked eye.

Although small and unpretentious in appearance, Tami is a highly efficient microscope designed and perfected by the world famous Hensoldt works, pioneers in the manufacture of opto-scientific instruments since 1857. Compared with an expensive, complicated, delicate and bulky microscope of the same enlarging power Tami has many advantages. Those whose profession requires minute microscopic observations while away from their laboratories will greatly appreciate Tami for it slips readily into any coat pocket. When not in use and covered with a neat, seamless metal protective hood the complete instrument weighs but 15 ounces, measures 13/l inches in diameter and 4 inches in height.

The salient feature of this diminutive yet efficient microscope is its unique construction which affords the magnification of opaque or transparent objects within the wide range of 25x to 225x. This is performed without changing lenses and by simply extending or collapsing its telescoping tubes. Tami is extremely simple in operation and its construction is so rigid that it will stand considerable abuse. It can be therefore successfully used by any one even those not familiar with complicated microscopes.

The size of the observation field as seen thru the Tami varies with the degree of magnification. Engaging its low power of magnification a large field of view is obtained while with an increase of magnification minute examinations of extremely small areas can be secured. The engraved circle on the plate glass stage enables one to quickly place objects into the field of observation.

A glimpse at the accompanying illustrations tells of the vast utility and efficiency of this really wonderful universal microscope. Price complete, Thirty Dollars.

detached base- mirror

The refecting mirror renders invalueble assistance for thc examination of transparent objects, microscopical preparations, etc.

Patent for the Tami Microscope

hensoldt wetzlar #11721, tami portable microscope

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