Signed: James W. Queen & Co., Phila.

The Tourist portable model microscope. c. 1883

James W. Queen &   Co., Phila. The Tourist folding microscop James W. Queen &   Co., Phila. The Tourist folding microscop

The following was extracted from the 1883 Queen catalog:

James W. Queen &   Co., Phila. The Tourist folding microscope

This microscope, now for the first introduced by us, is made portable, to meet the want of a compact instrument for use at the seaside, etc. It folds into a space about 6 1/2x3 1/4x2 3/8 inches. It is of brass throughout, handsomely finished, has broad and firm tripod base, axis for inclination to any angle, plane and concave mirrors, with adjustments for obliquity. For illumination of opaque objects, the mirror bar may be removed and replaced in the reverse position, thus bringing mirrors above the stage. The instrument stands 12 inches high when draw-tube extended (as shown in illustration).Society-screw, carrying an adapter with an achromatic object-glass of 4/10 inch focus, dividing to 8/10, which gives powers ranging from 40 to 140 diameters.

3077 and 3079 have a good fine adjustment, moving the stage, as in our Holmes Class microscope

3077. Queen's Tourist with rack and pinion and fine adjustments with live-box and forceps, in mahogany case... $22.00

3078. The same without fine adjustment....$20.00

3079. Queen's Tourist, with coarse adjustment by slip-tube and fine screw adjustment, with live-box and forceps, in case... $17.50

3080. The same, without fine adjustment...$15.00

The microscope shown on this page corresponses to 3080, the model with slip-tube focusing and lacking the fine adjustment. C. Baker, London sold an identical microscope. It is therefore likely that Queen imported the microscope from Baker and retailed it under his own name having the signature "James W. Queen & Co., Phila." engraved on the other tube. The microscope is supplied with single objective and eyepiece, a live box, a hand forceps, and a stage condenser mounted on an articulated arm. It comes in a nice mahogany case with brass handle.



An essay discussing the Queen business is online

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