Watson & Son 313 High Holborn London #912

Wenham Binocular Microscope
The Jackson Model No.2, c. 1880

Watson and Son 313 High Holborn London #912

binocular tubes

Watson Jackson Model No.2 Microscope

Watson & Son advertisement, 1880

1880 Watson & Son advertisement

Extracted from the Watson & Sons Illustrated Catalogue of Microscopes, 7th Edition, 1884.


Large size first-class Binocular Stand with sufficient range of coarse adjustment to focus a 4-in objective, lever fine adjustment, concentric rotating stage, divided to degrees, and with mechanical movements giving 1-in. of motion in each direction, sliding object holder and clamp, rack to eye-pieces to adjust to width of user's eyes, large double mirror on jointed arm, clamping bar for fixing the instrument at any angle, diaphragm fitting beneath the stage with wheel of stops. This instrument is of finest workmanship and finish; with
1 pair of eye-pieces : £13 13s.
A similar Instrument, but Monocular, with 1 eye-piece: £10 lOs.

A substage with vertical rack adjustment to focus, and rectangular adjustments for centering may be add to either of the above £2 28. extra,



Watson & Son 313 High Holborn London #912


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