Carl Zeiss Jena, No. 8223

Stand I model microscope, c. 1885

carl zeiss jena, no. 8223

the ia model, c. 1885

carl zeiss jena microscope no. 8223

carl zeiss jena, no. 8223

zeiss microscope 8223 in the case

The Zeiss achives indicate that this microscope was delivered to Fr. J. Emmerich & Son to New York, sales agent for Zeiss instruments in the USA, on Feb. 25, 1885

An 1887 avertisement for Fr. J. Emmerich & Son

carl zeiss jena, no. 8223

The following is the description of Stand I from the 1885 Zeiss catalog:

zeiss stand i 1885

Stand I - Large stand with heavy horse-sho foot, inclinable ;the body and stage revolving round the optic axis. Coarse adjustment by rack and pinion; micrometer screw with divided head; draw-tube with millimeter divisions. Abbe's Illuminating Apparatus No. 80 with condenser of 1.20 numerical aperture. Also, for use with the ordinary mirror, a substage (Fig. 1) to replace the Abbe Illuminator, turning on an arm under the stage, with rack and pinion motion and centering adjustments for receiving cylinder diaphragms and other apparatus.

Height of the instrument from table to eye-piece medium length of draw-tube about 33 cm. Size of stage 103 x 94 mm. (Fig. 2)

alterante substage

If a second Condenser of 1.40 N. aperture be desired for the Abbe Illuminator (No. 81) 25 Mk. must be1 added. If objectives adjusted to the English 10 inch body are to be used on this stand, a lengthening piece (100 Mm.) can be supplied If desired to screw into the body under the draw-tube .

abbe condenser

Carl Zeiss (1816-1888)

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