Carl Zeiss, Jena #9546

Stativ VII, c. 1885

carl zeiss, jena #9546, c. 1885

carl zeiss, jena #9546. c. 1885

carl zeiss jena stativ vii

carl zeiss, jena #9546, c. 1885

   Stand VI.  Fixed stage.
Illumination by plane and concave mirrors with universal motion in and out of the optic axis. Cylinder diaphragm with jacket fitted to the under surface of the stage by a bayonet catch, easily removed when very oblique light is required. This arrangement also permits the application of the illuminator No. 19 (of about 1.10 mm, aper.) in place of the diaphragm, when objectives of larger aperture are in use.

Coarse adjustment by sliding tube. Body provided with draw-tube .

Fine adjustment by micrometer screw of new construction.

This stand is made to incline. (Fig. 16.)

   Stand VII.   In all respects as stand VI but non inclinable. Rather stoutly built for laboratory use, but the strongest objectives are available on account of the fine quality of the micrometer movement (Illuminator No. 19 as in stand VI). (Fig. 17.)

Carl Zeiss (1816-1888)

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