Wanted: Antique microscopes by John W. Sidle and Co. of Lancaster PA. or Sidle and Poalk of Philadelphia.

Purchasing brass microscopes made by John W. Sidle and Co. of Lancaster Pa. , Sidle and Poalk of Philadelphia, and the Acme Optical Works.

The Acme line of microscopes was first introduced in 1879 by the firm Sidle and Poalk of Philadelphia. The microscope shown on this web page with serial number 17 is an example of one of the first microscopes made by this firm. It was called "The Acme". By 1880, the firm was located in Lancaster Pennsylvania under the name John W. Sidle & Co. or the "Acme Optical Works". Subsequently, the entire output of the Acme factory was consigned to the retailer and manufacturer of scientific instruments, James W. Queen of Philadelphia.

Also buying all kinds of antique brass microscopes and accessories. Old microscope oil lamps, prepared slides, and slide cabinets. Other types of antique scientific instruments also wanted.

Here is a link to a microscope signed by Sidle and Poalk in my collection:

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