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Microscope manufacturing in America began in the 2nd quarter of the 19th century. Before that time, the few microscopes that were available in this country were imported primarily from France and England. The first American microscope manufacturer of commercial significance was Charles A. Spencer (1813-1881). His first microscope was produced around 1838. As the century progressed, other American manufacturers emerged to produce instruments to meet the growing demand. By the early 1880s, there were at least 20 firms supplying microscopes. Many of the microscopes produced by these firms had a distinct American style and several incorporated some important innovations. Listed below are some of the better-known American microscope makers.

If you have an antique American-made microscope you would like to sell, please don't hesitate to contact me with the information. I will respond to all inquiries.


The following are links to the American-made antique microscopes in my collection. The links are ordered with respect to the maker.



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