Wanted: Antique microscopes by Charles A. Spencer

Purchasing brass microscopes by Charles A. Spencer of New York made during the second half of the 19th century.

Charles A. Spencer was the first commercial manufacturer of microscopes in America. He was born in Canastota NY in 1813. He began to make optical instruments (microscope and telescopes) in the 1830s. The earliest instruments were marked C.A. & H. Spencer, a partnership between Charles and his cousin Hamilton. By the1850s instruments were signed Spencer & Eaton reflecting a partnership with E.K. Eaton. After 1865, Spencer worked in partnership with his son Herbert R. Spencer. Later, Spencer worked worked with the Geneva Optical Co. in Geneva NY. Instruments were marked C.A. Spencer & Sons for Geneva Optical Company. By 1877, the association with the Geneva company was terminated and instrument were simply marked "C.A. Spencer & Sons. Spencer was the first person to manufacture achromatic microscope objectives in America; these lenses were renown world wide for their high quality.

Also buying all kinds of antique brass microscopes and accessories. Old microscope oil lamps, prepared slides, and slide cabinets. Other types of antique scientific instruments also wanted.

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