Ernst Gundlach monocular microscope, c. 1879

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Ernst Gundlach, monocular microscope, c. 1879. signed on the tube and base

The microscope is signed on two places, on the tube "Ernst Gundlach" and on the base "Gundlach". A similar microscope sold by Yawman & Erbe of Rochester N.Y. is also represented in this collection.

After the termination of his employment by Bausch & Lomb in 1878, Ernst Gundlach, for a brief period, worked with Philip Yawman and Gustav Erbe (also former employees of Bausch & Lomb) in the production of microscopes. It is clear that it was Gundlach who produced the optics, but it is less clear which firm actually manufactured the stands.

Gundlach 1878 advertisment

Gundlach 1878 advertisment

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