Two versions of the Gundlach-Yawman & Erbe Nonpareil model microscope

c. 1884

Two versions of the Nonpareil model microscope. Signed by Ernst Gundlach and Yawman & Erbe, c. 1884

    Signed: on the upper tube Ernst Gundlach and the lower tube Yawman & Erbe, Rochester N. Y.

    Signed: Yawman & Erbe, Rochester N. Y.

It is presumed that the example on the right is a later version of the Nonpareil microscope since it has a number of improvements among which are the addition of the drawtube, the focusing mirror mounting, an auxiliary glass stage with slide holder, and a different casting for the base having an elongated rear leg which, presumably, results in improved stability when the instrument is inclined.

After the termination of his employment by Bausch & Lomb in 1878, Ernst Gundlach, for a brief period, worked with Philip Yawman and Gustav Erbe (also former employees of Bausch & Lomb) in the production of microscopes. It is clear that it was Gundlach who produced the optics, but it is less clear which firm actually manufactured the stands. Yawman & Erbe primarily were involved in the manufacture of office furniture and manufactured microscopes for only a very brief period in the early 1880's. While the furniture produced by the firm is now rather common, the microscopes are far less so. The early history of the Yawman & Erbe firm has been documented.

As indicated in the two separate advertisements below both firms sold the same model microscopes and as illustrated with the microscope shown on the left above, some instruments actually bear dual signatures.

1886 advertisement

1884 advertisement

Other Gundlach / Yawman & Erbe microscopes are in this collection which bear a similarity and are of the same vintage as those on this page, as shown here and here.

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