T. H. McAllister N.Y.

The Popular Model Microscope

T. H. McAllister N.Y. The Popular Model The Popular Model

The following was extracted from the 1872 price list:

Popular microscope: somewhat more than 10 in. high; base of iron lackered, with uprights to receive axis on which the body inclines; tube of brass, with extension draw-tube, milled head, fine adjusting focus : stage of brass, with springs to hold object, and with diaphragm plate beneath : stage forceps attached to stage ; mirror mounted with universal motion on jointed bar. With following accessories: one eye-piece; one achromatic objective, separable; magnifying powers, 50, 75, 150 and 200 diam. ; in neat upright walnut case, with handle. Price ...$25.00


fusee chain focusing

Typical of the microscopes manufactured by T. H. MaAllister is that the the coarse focus mechanism utilizes a fusee chain instead of the much more common rack and pinon method.

Other microscopes made by T. H. McAllister include the Student's Model , the Physician's Model, and the top of the line Professional Model

The McAllisters were a family of opticians that were active in the scientific instrument trade for over a century starting in the late 18th century with John McAllister Sr. (1755-1830). They had businesses in Philadelphia and later in New York. Thomas. H. McAllister (1824-1898) moved to New York around 1865. Unlike the Philadelphia based part of the family, he actually manufactured and sold his own microscopes as well as those by other manufacturers. See: the McAllister Family Business Timeline.

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