Wanted: Antique Microscopes by Walter H. Bulloch, Chicago

Purchasing brass microscopes by Walter H. Bulloch, Chicago.

Walter Bulloch was born in Glasgow in 1835. He emigrated to New York in 1852. He apprenticed with Benjamin Pike & Son, where he worked until the Civil War, after which, he joined with William Wales, also of New York City. Bulloch provided the stands while Wales made the optics. In 1866, he opened his own business in Chicago. After a highly successful beginning in Chicago, Bulloch's shop was destroyed in the "Great Chicago Fire" of 1871. He then moved to Boston and briefly worked with the microscope maker Robert B. Tolles. He then returned to Chicago rebuild his former business. Many of Bulloch's stands were highly regarded at the time. Bulloch's Chicago business closed shortly after his death in 1891.

Also buying all kinds of antique brass microscopes and accessories. Old microscope oil lamps, prepared slides, and slide cabinets. Other types of antique scientific instruments also wanted.

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